What to expect

Want to know the usual process for having professional photos made with me? It usually goes something like this…

You’ll contact me, and let me know what you want (senior photos, a wedding, family pictures, etc). We’ll confirm price. My standard rates are posted here, but occasionally I offer discounts (or things may cost a bit more if there’s a travel fee, etc).

We’ll pick a date (if it’s a wedding, you’ve probably already done that!). With wedding clients, I like to meet once in advance of your big day. This can be for an engagement shoot, or just an informal chat to discuss expectations and your needs.

We’ll also discuss possible locations. You may have something in mind (which I’ll be happy to accommodate). If not, I’ve scouted a number of places around Cache Valley that would work great, and will present you with a few options (I also have locations in Ogden, SLC, Provo, and other areas).

I usually offer a few tips for wardrobe options (solid colors usually work well, try to avoid distracting logos, etc.) If it’s something like a senior portrait shoot, you’re welcome to bring along a variety of outfits, there’s usually plenty of opportunity for different looks.

Props? Accessories? This will depend on what you want.

Anyway, we’ll plan the shoot.

And then meet to take the photos. I try to get there a little early to re-scout the location, look for the best lighting at that time of day, and/or set up additional lighting (especially important indoors or in the evening).

Taking photos is fun. If it’s not, I’m not doing it right. Anyway, all of the pressure is on me, so you don’t need to worry about anything. We’ll take a variety of images. Different places, different poses, different expressions. I’ll guide you through all of that as needed.

Most shoots last an hour or two. I’m not going to rush you, and we can keep going as long as you’d like, but usually after a couple of hours, we’ve got plenty of excellent shots. I’ll let you know when to expect to see photos, and we’ll be done for the day.

I try to post a proof gallery online as quickly as possible. Often within a day or two (and I usually try to post a few select images to Facebook at the same time), but occasionally it takes a few more days. Those initial photos are posted for you to choose favorites. I ask that they not be posted publicly at that point, since they haven’t yet received my full retouching treatment. Every image you’ll end up with when I’m done has been personally and individually color corrected, sharpened, and otherwise perfected by me. That process usually begins once I hear back from you what your favorites are (I don’t want to miss any photos that you really love). When I shoot, I usually take way more photos than we’ll end up using. No, you won’t get them all. You’ll get the best of them. The ones you want. No one really wants the ones with someone’s eyes closed, with someone unrelated walking through the background, etc. You want awesome photographs, and that’s what you’ll get from me. For most shoots you can usually expect 10 finished images (weddings and events are different), with additional files available at extra cost.

How long does it take to get those finished images? Well, it depends, but for most shoots I try to have that done within a week or so. I deliver full-sized, fully retouched printable images in whatever format you’d like them. Usually, getting them to you in an online gallery is the fastest option. I’m happy to burn images to a CD and get them to you that way as well. And if you’d prefer something different, just ask. I’m not the J.C. Penny portrait studio, so you have options, and I’m happy to accommodate your desires.

Weddings are different. While I still try to have some photos uploaded quickly (usually within 24 hours of the event), getting a proof gallery online may take a few more days, and delivering the final retouched images can occasionally take a month or so. That’s because there’s a lot more images taken at a wedding than for a typical family portrait, and I look over and adjust each one individually until they’re as awesome as I can make them. That takes time.

Once you have the photo files, you’re welcome to have them printed anywhere you like. I usually make recommendations for the best places to print locally (Maceys good, Walmart bad, etc). I’m also happy to order professional prints for you through my photo lab. They deliver a superior product to anything you can obtain locally, and that way I can guarantee the colors, quality, etc. Turnaround time is typically less than a week. Ask me about print pricing if you’re interested in something awesome.

Anyway, my goal is to get you excellent photos. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed. If you’re not happy with the results, you’re welcome to a full refund. I always offer, and someday someone may take me up on that, but have only had satisfied clients so far.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact me, and let me know how I can help!

Have a great day! =)

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