FanX was awesome. Salt Lake Comic-Con did it again.

10003747_10152019742412405_5433154315200868667_oWell, Salt Lake Comic-Con emerged from round two victorious. Not only was FanX bigger than September’s first con, but everything seemed to be running just a little more smoothly as well. Including the media team, which I was a part of. My main ALBUM IS ONLINE HERE.

Some of my favorite moments? Well, there were a bunch.

1909273_10152025467562405_1382401045955767436_oTaking photos of the excellent costumes people came up with, of course. Eric Hall, a local cosplayer, was there with several of his amazing costumes, including the best Borg cosplay I think I’m ever likely to see.



893438_10152025470467405_5207725396535417577_oFamilies often cosplayed together, like this family portraying my favorite hero (and villains) from the Marvel universe.



10296484_10152025470282405_4234977631262233097_o Seeing old friends, like James Morris, modeling here for Sketch Cabaret, an amazing local arts group that seems to be involved with just about anything interesting happening in the greater Salt Lake area.



10256968_10152027359532405_5629653166709201724_o Speaking of Sketch Cabaret, they didn’t just have sketching stations (which I thought were an excellent idea, by the way; I need to spend some time sketching at the next con, it’s a skill I’d like to work on). I also managed to catch some of the amazing aerial acrobatics performed by their talented performers. Amazing stuff!


1973530_10152025469082405_5773920896142154619_o There were also a number of animal and conservation groups present. I’m an ecologist, and those things are important to me. The newly rebuilt aquarium in Salt Lake had a booth, as did Creature Encounters (two booths, actually, in different parts of the con) and my new friends from Earthwings, a conservation group educating people about raptors and other wildlife. Here they are with one of their star avian models.

10295391_10152028513397405_4505146359597337245_o This guy was fun to listen to. You’ve seen Serenity and the Firefly series, right? I’m with the browncoats.


1941583_10152028517947405_2781666321669400687_o Oh, and there was Captain Picard too. Yeah, he showed up. He’s awesome like that.





858687_10152028529962405_3210224520212375478_o Finally, there was the volunteer community itself, of which I was a (very) small part. Here’s an image I shot Saturday night after the con ended. Yes, this is quite a few volunteers, but it’s certainly not all of them (and perhaps not even most! A lot had gone home by then!). While it does take a few paid staff to pull off an event like this, it’s really the volunteers that make the event. Without them, there wouldn’t be a Salt Lake Comic-Con.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to doing it all again in September. =)

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